Monday, June 30, 2014

Components of A Knight’s Armor

Knighthood has always been known as a class of high nobility. Knights were trusted by the kings and lords for their skills with the sword and were commanded to serve the country or kingdom. In today’s day and age, knights no longer exist with the change in the political system. However, deep down, if you have always wanted to dress up like a knight, train with the sword, or are just a collector of such pieces, this is your chance to learn about some of the components that made up a knight’s armor. Without the essential elements put together, a knight would be helpless and in danger.

The most fundamental part of body armor is the helmet. The role of the helmet was to protect the knight from serious head injuries. The helmets made sure that knights were not gouged by swords from attaching enemies. In addition, the design also made the knight look majestic and courageous with feathers lacing the top. When you start putting together your outfit, take a look at our medieval helmets to give you an idea of the different kinds of helmet styles to pair with your outfit. With our classy metal helmets, you are sure to look like one of the knights from the European Middle Ages.

Another effective way of protecting a knight’s body on top of padded clothing was with chainmail. The interlinked metal chains formed a mesh pattern helping protect the body from sword impalement. At the same time, it also added extra comfort for the knight as it let in some air on warm days. If you are looking for body protection that is comfortable and airy, try our chain mail armor. Our body and head chain mails come in different sizes to perfectly fit you. Find the popular Gambeson padded body armor on our site to wear underneath protective chainmail.

Shields were the most important aspect of a knight’s armor. Just like the helmets protected the heads of the knights, the shields protected the entire body by deflecting sword attacks from enemies. The knights used shields during war not only to protect themselves, but also as weapons towards opposing forces. They would use their shield with one hand to stop enemies striking while they struck opponents with their sword. Medieval shields were decorated with the knight’s coat of arms in a heraldic design on the front. We have a variety of wooden and steel shields for you to choose from. These shields will not only enhance your look but are also lightweight, making it easy to carry.

Leather Belt
Finally, the leather belt form one of the most important accessories to a knight’s costume. Leather belts, also known as sword belts, were worn by knights to support their swords. The belts had a holder where the sword could be safely placed when not in use. Complete your medieval look with a leather sword belt to make you feel like a knight in shining armor.

With all these accessories put together, you are sure to have the complete knight wardrobe. Whether it is for your collection or for an outfit, these accessories will make you look like the perfect medieval knight. 

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