Monday, July 28, 2014

Three of History's Most Famous Knights

Knights in shining armor were brave and fearless men who fought bloody battles and earned their place in both history books and legends passed down through the generations. To revisit the spirit of knighthood, and understand its historical value, let the chivalry, loyalty and honor of these three famous knights inspire you.

Sir Lancelot du Lac

In the Arthurian legend, Sir Lancelot du Lac was the First Knight of the Round Table. Credited with unfailing gentleness, flawless chivalry and boundless courage, he served others without hesitation. According to legend, Lancelot was the best fighter and swordsman of all the Knights of the Round Table. A favorite of Queen Guinevere, many sources claim the two were romantically involved. Whether based in truth or simply legend, Sir Lancelot is surely one of the most famous knights of all time. Our Lancelot Medieval Sword pays tribute to this hero.

Charles the Bold: Duke of Burgundy 1433-1477

Born in Dijon in 1433, the popular duke Charles the Bold saw the Burgundian state reach its height of cultural and political power. In the Middle Ages, France consisted of many feudal states ruled by local dukes. Kings lacked any significant power. As things changed through the years, the kings fought with the dukes for control over the various regions. A bitter, lifelong rivalry between Charles the Bold and King Louis XI of France was once such conflict. Charles the Bold died at the hands of the Swiss in 1477. Our stainless steel Duke of Burgundy Full Suit of Armor is modeled after the armor worn by Charles the Bold.

Richard the Lionheart 1157-1199

Also known as Richard I of England, Richard the Lionheart became King of England in 1189, but spent his reign abroad. During the Third Crusade from 1189 to 1192, he established himself as a formidable warrior and a great military leader. On his return home, he was briefly captured by the Romans and held for ransom. Richard the Lionheart died in 1199 after being wounded while engaging in an attack against the Chalus-Chabrol castle. You can reenact Medieval and Roman battles with items from our Lionheart sword and armory collection.

Reliving the Past

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