Friday, August 8, 2014

Product Review: Wooden Viking Shield

Are you a fan of Northern warriors? This Viking Solid Wood Circular Shield may be just for you. It is a legitimate piece of armory that is well represented with an authentic look and feel. The shield is made of 100% solid wood and 16 G steel boss (umbo) , which makes it fanciful showpiece or piece to use in a reenactment. It also features a steel covered rim for maximum effect and the handle is made from wood and riveted to the shield for comfort, usability and style. For an intimidating effect, the front is stained dark wood while the back is painted black which plays up to the powerful viking reputation. 

This viking shield measures 29.25” in diameters and weighs in at 11.3 lbs due to its heavy duty construction. Not only is this replica wooden viking shield a fantastic ornament, its reinforced composition allows people to utilize it in theatrical plays, LARP role play or SCA, as well as a part of costume. This brand new circular viking shield also makes for a perfect gift for those history buffs or as décor for a library.  

Do you have a favorite piece of Viking armor? Let us know in the comments below. 

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