Thursday, September 11, 2014

Anime & Movie Replica Swords

Replica swords are currently swelling in popularity. As cosplay and geek culture continue to enter the mainstream, more and more people purchase replicas of various swords seen in popular media. Whether attending special events or simply going out, people are less self-conscious about dressing like their favorite characters. Of course, high-quality replica swords also make outstanding conversation starters and decorations. Anime shows, films and video games are particularly fruitful places to find cool-looking swords. Though replica swords have sold well for many years, the ease of online shopping has only accelerated the market. Here are few of the most talked-about, collectible replica swords currently available for purchase online:

The Bride's Katana from "Kill Bill"

Since its two-part release in 2003 and 2004, "Kill Bill" has achieved legendary status among fans of martial arts films and cinema in general. Few cinematic heroines are as iconic as The Bride. As portrayed by Uma Thurman, The Bride captivated audiences with agility, intensity and a fearsome samurai sword. Fans of Quentin Tarantino's influential action film are typically delighted to own picture-perfect replicas of The Bride's Katana.

Leonidas's Sword from "300"

"300" is another action film from this century that seems destined to achieve lasting popularity. A surprise hit, the film was anchored by Gerard Butler's dynamic turn as King Leonidas, Sparta's fearless and fierce leader. Based on true historical events, the sleeper hit film featured many scenes of Leonidas wielding his sword to defend Spartan freedom. With or without gutsy Spartan costumes to match, replicas of this famous sword make outstanding gifts. Generally, these replicas are made from high-quality steel and shine with ever-resplendent beauty.

Rukia's Sword from "Bleach"

One of the longest-running anime shows, Bleach is also known for its enduring commercial and critical success. Though not seen in every episode, Rukia Kuchiki was featured in the first episode and played a pivotal role in the anime's storyline. With its white coloration, Rukia's sword is one of the most visually captivating anime replica swords. This sword makes a unique and buzzworthy addition to any sword collection. As a katana or samurai sword, this item has diverse appeal for fans of many different anime franchises.

Jack Sparrow's Cutlass

The hit "Pirates of the Caribbean" film series inspired a vast array of tie-in products. Few objects capture the spirit of the series like Jack Sparrow's pirate cutlass. Over the course of the "Pirate" films, Johnny Depp's Sparrow wielded several different cutlasses. Virtually all are available in pristine, fully-realized replicas with impressive craftsmanship.

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