Sunday, January 18, 2015

Top 5 Hollywood Movies Ever Produced Featuring Swords

Swords are quite possibly one of the most important weapons in the history of this world. Without them, our world would be so much different than it is today. There’s so much that we owe to swords, and we can see that presently. They're still so much a part of our culture, especially on the big screen. With that being said, let's take a look at the top 5 Hollywood movies ever produced featuring swords. 

300 is one of the most action packed movies out there. Straight from the real historic tales of ancient Sparta, this movie shows the journey of 300 soldiers who are masters in the world of swordplay. These soldiers fight against the Persian Armies with intense precision with their swords. Many believe that this is one of the most beautiful movies ever produced with swords. 

Kill Bill

Kill Bill is a great story of revenge. One awesome part of this movie is the tale of the samurai sword. Without the help of this magnificent samurai sword, the lead character would never be able to go and carry her revenge out. The creation of the samurai sword is something that really made this movie. The action scenes of sword fighting in this movie are some of the most intense fighting scenes in any movie that has ever been produced. The lead character would not be as memorable without her samurai sword. 


The Gladiator is a classic story of ancient times that many individuals have grown to love. It's another story of revenge. When a Roman general is betrayed and his family murdered, it's time that he finds his revenge. Ridley Scott does an amazing job directing this film, as he makes the story seem very believable. The swordplay in this movie is very historically accurate too. The scenes of gladiator fighting are quite possibly what make this film. Without swords, this film would not be as memorable as it is. 

Pirates of The Caribbean 

Pirates of The Caribbean is quite possibly one of the most popular and well-loved pirate movies of all time. This movie turned into a very successful franchise that has done very well at the box office. What would a pirate movie be without sword fights? Pirates of the Caribbean has some of the most entertaining sword fights of any movies that are out there today. These sword fights give you the feeling of what it would actually be like to be a pirate on the high seas. The masterful choreography of these sword fights only further adds the believability of these sword fights. 

Sword In The Stone

Sword In The Stone is one of the most well-loved classic Disney films. This film is almost completely based around swords. The main story line is about a young page who is training to help knights compete in jousting. Jousting is all about masterful swordplay. Not only is this movie all about swordplay, but a sword is what makes all of the difference in the end. This classic Disney film plays off of the story where King Arthur pulls the sword from the stone. This mandated that he would be the next King of England. In this film we get to see how a sword really changed the history of that country.

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