Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Handcuffs Self-Defense Tips

It may seem rather odd to think about using an item like handcuffs for self-defense that you can buy here at Sword N Armory, but the fact is, when a dangerous situation arises, any object can become a weapon in the right hands. Also, keep in mind the laws in your area concerning the use of "weapons" in an altercation. Even an innocent item like handcuffs could be classified as a dangerous weapon if used in certain ways. Any weapon should only be used in self-defense to avoid problems with the law. 

On that note, please be aware that nothing in this article constitutes legal advice. Contact a lawyer if you need help with legal issues.

Choking Techniques

Traditional handcuffs come with a short chain between them that isn't particularly ideal for choking someone but it can work if you have no other choice. This is best used from behind your assailant if you can maneuver yourself int such a position. One word of warning; attacking a person from behind, even if they attacked you first, can land you in hot water with the law because it makes you look like the aggressor. Choking someone with handcuffs from behind should be used as a true last resort. Alternately if you are able to knock someone to the ground and mount them you can take the chain and press it across their windpipe to choke them as well. Do be aware that if you crush their windpipe they could in fact die so don't use this technique lightly.

Striking Techniques

Handcuffs are a piece of metal and hitting someone with them is sure to hurt. However, in the world of self-defense hurting someone isn't the goal, causing damage enough to get them to cease their attack is. To effectively use handcuffs as a striking weapon you'd have to slam it into your opponent's vital areas. The temple on the side of the head, the carotid artery on their neck or hitting them in the genitals are all viable options. It is recommended that you study up a bit on the weak points of the human body if you wish to use handcuffs in this manner for self-defense.

Eye Gouging

This probably won't work with some models of handcuffs but if you have the type that has the metal corner that sticks out near the area where the chain is attached you can use this part of the handcuffs to gouge someone in the eye. Once again this is not a technique to use lightly as it could permanently blind a person. On the positive side, gouging a person's eyes is one of the best ways to take the fight out of them and get them to cease their attack. And even if they still remain hostile, a half or fully blinded opponent can't really do much to harm you.

Maintain a Tight Grip at All Times

The worst thing that can happen when defending yourself with a weapon or improvised weapon is to become disarmed. If you are disarmed when using handcuffs for self-defense you may find yourself on the reviving end of the handcuffs. This can be particularly dangerous if your assailant uses them to restrain you. Just like with any other weapon always maintain a tight grip on the handcuffs and don't drop them under any circumstances.

Running Away

The best form of self-defense it to avoid combat altogether. It may not feel manly and it may chaff your ego but it is the best way to ensure that you avoid injury, death, or prosecution should you severely injure or kill your assailant during the struggle. Handcuffs may not be the best tool around for retreating safely but you can pitch them at your opponent's face for a brief distraction then turn and run. Just remember that this is a decision you should consider carefully as once you pitch the handcuffs, your assailant will have them to use against you should you fail to escape. IF you think you can run away without the need for a distraction such as this do so. Or better yet, use an item like your wallet or phone instead of the handcuffs for a distraction.

By familiarizing yourself with how to use an item such as handcuffs offensively, you can better prepare yourself to defend yourself should you be attacked.


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