Thursday, March 26, 2015

A Quick Weapons Guide to Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse

When danger comes knocking at our front door, our brains automatically trigger two reactions of fight or flight. The optimum goal is survival and longevity. When an army of zombies storm your neighborhood, all bets are off, You've no choice but to wage a war against the undead, if you want to live that is. 

When fighting for survival, it comes down to retrieving the proper tools. These 5 weapons will help you survive in the impending Zombie Apocalypse.

Weapon # 1: Swords

If you can’t get a gun, the sword then becomes the first defensive choice for emergency situations. The 3 Ps: power, precision, and performance are what swords are built for. The steel blade that's long and sharp gives you some room between yourself and the zombie; with sharp edges for slicing effectiveness. Apart from looking awesome when it’s wrapped around your shoulder, swords such as the Katana, with just one slice, can virtually make a clean kill. The cord-wrapped handles allow for great grip when you’re faced with tons of “walkers” heading right for you.

When ancient warriors fought in battle, their skills and abilities of using swords determined their fate. They trained for years and mastered the skills needed in order to guarantee survival and dominance. Like those who fought long ago, in order to destroy the army of zombies, we too must be cold-blooded warriors, along with arming ourselves appropriately.

Weapon #2: Machete Blades

Machete blades are highly effective tools for taking down some zombies. We carry a large selection of machetes with blade styles from the bolo, kukri, spear point, or bush style. They range from light weight for occasional use, to heavy duty built, to long lasting blades. These types of machetes are just what you need to keep you safe as you take their heads off. 

Weapon #3: Tomahawk Axe

The tactical tomahawk axe will promptly fend off Zombies, as the axe shall permit you to chop skulls and take heads off with ease. The light weight and ability to carry this weapon with you provides a fast way out of dense situations. The sharp blade is meant for lethal offensives.

Weapon #4: Throwing Knives

The zombies are in your house, but they don’t know where you are, yet. How do you take them down? You can’t use firearms because one loud bang will attract them all to you. Close combat calls for swiftness. You need to have precise moves that'll take down your hungry enemy quickly.

That’s where throwing knives comes in to play. They may be as short as 6 inches or as long as 9 inches (these are normally sold in sets ranging from two to 12 pieces on our website). They’re great for throwing at oncoming zombie attackers, especially when on the run.

Weapon #5: Armor

Not only are having skills and stamina important when trying to survive a zombie attack, but careful planning should also be at the top of your list. Specifically, planing on how you’re going to protect your body. Armor is the key to this. At Sword N Armory, we carry a wide array of armor to help protect you in your battle against the undead.

We hope these weapons tips have helped you today, for if that day ever comes, you'll be ready to fight and survive.

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