Monday, March 9, 2015

Finding the Right Cosplay Sword

You've worked long and hard making your cosplay costume. Every detail’s perfect from the era and style of your boots to the intricate design of your wig. The only thing missing from your ensemble is the weapon that sets your character apart. The sword must be the right fit, not only for the character, but also for the type of gathering that you’re preparing for. 

For that convention or party, you’ll want a real sword to showcase the realism of your creation. If you plan on a day of LARPing a foam sword that has the look of the real thing, but will not hurt your friends, as this is of the utmost importance, then you've come to the right place.

By browsing the selections offered by Sword N Armory, you can find the perfect one for any event that you’ll attend. You’ll find real handmade katana and tanto swords, as well as reproductions of your favorite movie swords. Spartanwarrior blades, swords with medieval handles, and half crusader swords crowd each other for your attention. You can become Bilbo Baggins with a copy of Sting or Captain Jack Sparrow with a pirate cutlass. Or maybe your tastes run towards yellow leather with the Bride’s Masashi katana from Kill Bill. You can delve into your mythological side with Theseus' sword from the Immortals.

You’re not limited to the selections from movies. Your favorite swords from name and video games also have found a real world life. You’ll be ready to swing into action as Link or Captain Zaraki Kenpachi Zanpakutou. Prove yourself a true fan of Bleach with the chipped white sword from the anime cartoon. The weapons from your favorite characters from Cutting Moon and all of your other favorite anime can be just the touch to bring your costume to life.

For that LARP outing, many of the same swords are available in a safe foam version for hours of sword swinging fun. You’re also given additional options from the realm of fantasy. An evil looking black sword with skull hilt can be just the thing to give the proper villainous slant as you attack the forces of good. Waving a metallic colored Viking sword will have them quaking before your berserker charge. With your Excalibur raised high, you’ll rally your knights to defend the gates of Camelot. 

All of these are available to help you have the best cosplay experience that you can. The only limitation is you.

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