Thursday, March 12, 2015

Military Ceremonial Swords

The United States military have used ceremonial swords since the American Revolutionary War. The military sword is used to symbolize and display power and authority. It’s also part of the military’s dress uniform. Historically, swords were used as a weapon during times of war. That’s not the case today. The sword does, however, still symbolizes those two things. 

Today, the types of swords that are used in military ceremonies are made of precious metal. As a result, they wouldn't be sturdy weapons to use in combat. In earlier times, the military did use the same sword for ceremonies as they did when they were in battle. These earlier swords were made of sturdy metal. This is one of the differences in vintage ceremonial swords compared to the ones used in today's events.

There are several types of weapons that can be used in military ceremonies. They include:
  • Maces
  • Daggers
  • Swords
  • Vintage rifles

The type of swords carried by the military have changed somewhat over time. By the mid-1820’s, shorter sabers were carried by the military men. They also carried a bayonet type style of sword. 

Besides combat, military weddings are a good example of a ceremony when swords and sabers are used. Participating military will form an arch with their swords and the bride and groom enter and exit by going through the sword arch. According to tradition, the last two sword bearers form a cross with their swords to prevent the bride and groom from going all the way through it. The groom must kiss the bride in order to be granted permission to completely pass through. After they kiss, the crossed swords are raised high into the air to allow the couple to pass all the way through the arch of swords. 

So as you can see that once again, military swords have changed over time. Even though they’re rarely used in battle, they still are used in military ceremonies.


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