Friday, March 6, 2015

Women Becoming Sword Collectors

While some might think that acquiring and maintaining a sword collection would be a decidedly masculine pursuit, they might be surprised to learn that women are both interested and adept at building sword collections as well.

What might be responsible for the growing number of women seeking the perfect piece to add to their collections? 

One reason, surely, is the incredible popularity of HBO's television series Game of Thrones, based on the Song of Ice and Fire series of novels by fantasy author George R.R. Martin. The critically acclaimed, fan-favorite television series attracts a massive audience that encompasses both male and female viewers, and its fantastical, medieval-inspired setting has been host to more than its share of strong, heroic female characters who are often as skilled at swordsmanship as their male counterparts. Whether she prefers, for example, the young, resourceful Arya Stark or the strong, noble Brienne of Tarth, any female Game of Thrones fan would surely want to own and display a piece of weaponry like those wielded by her favorite character.

The Lord of the Rings and Hobbit film franchises enjoy a large female fan base as well, and both have inspired many collectors to seek out swords that display their love of Middle Earth and the thrilling stories that took place there. 

Aside from pop culture inspirations, female collectors have also embraced the historical and aesthetic appeal of swords. For hundreds of years of human history, the sword was one of the primary weapons used to wage war, and countless time periods and places have produced distinctive styles of swords that tell the stories of not only their people's conflicts but also their innovation and creativity. Female collectors understand that a sword on display is a conversation piece like no other, a unique artwork that is much more than mere d├ęcor.

For those reasons, and surely countless others as well, sword collecting has become a hobby and a passion that crosses gender barriers. One can only expect this trend to continue as craftspeople produce more and more incredible pieces that will be an asset to any collection. As swords become both more sought after and attainable to collectors, the hobby's diversity will increase even further.

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