Saturday, April 4, 2015

An Intro to the Tomahawk Axe - Part 1

The tomahawk axe is a multifaceted tool that has been used regularly for different purposes such warfare, self-defense, camping, unearthing, and other types utility applications. To admire and understand how to use a Tomahawk Axe, it's very important to gather a bit of background information about it. 

The modern tactical tomahawk axe has been modeled from the Native Americans’ ancient tomahawk. The axe was the choice weapon during the American Revolution before the increase usage in firearms. This weapon came in accessibility particularly during intense close-up hand to hand combat. To go further back, ancient warriors such as the vikings used the tomahawk as an insurmountable warfare tactical weapon. 

Now, one country we may not think of off the top of our heads as far as abundant historical warfare goes is Vietnam. With usage of the tomahawk axe, along with other items, the this weapon played the part as a wilderness survival beginner's kit. 

The tomahawk axe is great for hunting, climbing mountains, camping, etc. Today it continues to be potent in self-defense, bursting through security doors, camping as we just mentioned, and it's great to have if a  zombie apocalypse ever occurs. The tactical axe can scare off intruders from your home (check your state's laws for owning one in your home). With extreme capabilities of close edge cutting, the tactical tomahawk will secure a good night's sleep for you. 

Finally, collectors from all over the world have a great time in adding the tactical tomahawk axe to their blade collections.

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