Sunday, April 19, 2015

Famous Swords of the World

Want to see beautiful and famous examples of swords from around the world?  Well here you go!


A special example of a Confederate Officer's sword, this sword was actually made in Britain, but is special because it has a patterned blade and confederate engravings .  This pattern 1827/45 blade is simple but elegant in its construction and execution.

This is a rare excellently preserved specimen of a Korean Saingeom, which is a sword that the king gave to the royal guard general.  On one side are carvings of a phoenix and 27 astronomical symbols and on the other side, carvings of Chinese calligraphic characters.  A beautiful example of a high quality Korean sword.

the sword of goujian from orichinese
The sword above is an exquisite bronze sword made during the Spring and Autumn period in China.  It is the sword of Goujian, the King of the Yue state.  Even after about 2400 years being sealed in a tomb, the discoverers were shocked to see that the sword was still sharp and had virtually no rust or oxidation on the sword.

A katana forged by Masamune, widely regarded in Japan as the greatest sword smith to ever live.  Although this sword has lost some of its original proportions through repeated polishing, etc. it is without doubt a great masterpiece.

This is the sword of the infamous Attila the Hun.  At the time, he conquered and controlled the greatest empire known to man.  For such a lead figure, he deserves a beautiful sword.


Napoleon Bonaparte's Marengo sword.  This sabre is the sword Napoleon Bonaparte has with him during his battles and is a fine example of French sword making skills.

A sword of legend in Persia, this is the Shamshir-e-Zomorrodnegar.  It was reportedly owned by King Solomon, and is said to be able to act as a charm against magic.  Its beautiful jewel studded handle and sheath are a sight to behold.

The Legbiter sword of Magnus III of Norway is a legendary sword.  It was at the pinnacle of sword metallurgy in that period and is an Ulfberht, which was highly renowned as a maker of swords of the highest quality.

Tizona is a national treasure of Spain.  Originally El Cid's sword, it dates back to the 11th century and contains true Damascus steel.

Are there any other famous swords missing?  If so, let us know what swords you want to see posted next time!

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  1. Regarding Ulfberht: This is inaccurate. Among all 130+ Ulfberht samples recovered, two main varaiations of inscription were found; "+Ulfberht+" (note the trailing cross), and "+Ulfberh+t" (note the cross before the letter t). Metallurgically, only swords with the latter inscription proved to contain the "Crucible Steel" (sourced from asia) which was considered to be 1000 years ahead of Medieval technology.