Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Top 3 Game of Thrones Sword Fighting Scenes

"Game of Thrones" is set in a different realm at an undetermined time, yet from the lack of electricity and basic weapons, one can determine that it's set several hundred years ago. Those basic weapons include the classic sword, with different characters having various sizes and weights. From Arya Stark's "Needle" fit for a tween, to Jaime Lannister's huge "Kingslayer," the series has showcased many fine examples of iron and steel. Likewise, it has also had plenty of fights to utilize all those swords. It's hard to pick just three sword fighting scenes that stand out among all others, but here they are in all their bloody glory.

Brienne of Tarth vs. The Hound, Season 4, Episode 10

In the season finale of the spectacular fourth season, "Game of Thrones" saved arguably its best fight for last. Brienne, a woman of her word, vowed to find Arya Stark, who had been travelling with the Hound out of necessity. Once Brienne came upon the Hound, she insisted that he turn over Arya, but the crotchety fellow was having none of it, resulting in their epic battle.

This was the epitome of a knock-down, drag-it-out fight, which started as a classic sword fight and ended up as something of a fistfight grudge match. The true shocker was at the end, when Brienne, in a fit of rage and adrenaline, bites the Hound's ear off and leaves him wounded, presumably to die. In the end, the fight was for naught, as Brienne and her squire Podrick did not get Arya, who escaped.

Oberyn Martell vs. The Mountain, Season 4, Episode 8

Prince Oberyn seemed to have the upper hand in this battle, which pitted him against The Mountain, brother of the Hound and perhaps the biggest man in all of Westeros. He used his quickness to get one over on the slower Mountain, but his hubris eventually got the best of him. He had the Mountain down on the ground, seemingly near death, but would not administer the finishing blow until the Mountain admitted to raping and killing his beloved sister. This delay would ultimately give the Mountain enough time recover and kill Martell. This sealed not only Oberyn's fate, but that of Tyrion Lannister, who now faced death for the alleged killing of his nephew, the King.

Brienne of Tarth vs. Loras, Season 2, Episode 3

It’s only fitting that Brienne gets two slots on this list, because she's one of the most skilled sword fighters in all of the Seven Kingdoms. She's first introduced during a tournament in full armor, with her face covered to obscure the fact that she is a woman. Being tall and husky, nobody realizes she is a woman until after she dispatches of Loras, who yields after less than a minute of Brienne's unrelenting swordplay. When she pulls off her armored mask to a gaggle of gasps from the tournament crowd, the landscape of "Game of Thrones" was forever changed.

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