Friday, May 8, 2015

An Experienced Insight into the Tomahawk Axe

The tomahawk axe is a tool that has a variety of advanced functions once a person learns how to use it properly. The first thing to keep in mind before utilizing any techniques mentioned later in the article is that safety is key. There is high potential for harm to be done if proper safety measures are not followed closely and accurately. 

The biggest advanced function of this tool is tomahawk throwing. This has become a sport that's increasingly popular year after year and operates similarly to knife throwing. There are generally targets or even people to aim towards but not hurt with the tomahawk. These types of tomahawks can be differ a bit from the casual tomahawk one might find to chop wood. These tomahawks for throwing competitions are typically called a Vietnam Tactical Tomahawk. Though a traditional Vietnam tactical Tomahawk is rate these replicas have been constructed by the Fusion Tactical Tomahawk Corporation.

These types of tomahawks differ by being a bit slimmer and are made of alloy steel. This alloy steel is constructed through a drop forge. This allows for the head of the tomahawk to be more stable in the center and throughout the handle. 

Tomahawks are also used in fighting and has been featured in a variety of media in recent years. In the film Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, this is the weapon of choice for the President to fight the vampires. In addition to this, the tomahawk has been featured in the Assassins Creed series of games as a deadly weapon as well. 

Another function of the tomahawk has been the recent use by American soldiers in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. This weapon hadn't been used in a military function in years but has been revived for hand to hand combat in recent years. In recent years due to the diversity of using a tomahawk there has been a mandate of including tomahawks in first aid kits in military application. This was initiated by the program called the Rapid Fielding Initiative. These tomahawks utilized by the army are of the same model used by throwing competitions. 

As an indirect impact of military application of tomahawks, many local authorities have utilized the tomahawk for special circumstances. In instances that gun fire is not necessary but combat is the tomahawk has proved to be a useful tool due to its lightweight but ability to cause damage. 

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