Sunday, May 3, 2015

Top 3 Movie Stars That Can Wield a Sword

Sword fighting is a popular pastime for movie characters. From movies set in the past, to those in the future, there's always a chance of a great sword fight. But these fights tend to mainly stay in the hands of stuntmen. There are a handful of  movie stars who've insisted on handling their own swords. And of these stars, there's three stand apart from the rest. 
Errol Flynn
Errol Flynn isn't the best swordsman in Hollywood, but he's certainly the most well-known. This classic movie star lit up screens with his swashbuckling adventures. Many people aren't aware of the fact that he really did know how to use a sword. He received extensive training in how to both use a sword, and how to make it look great when on screen. He might not be the most skilled swordsman, but he deserves credit for laying the way for future stars. 
Uma Thurman
Thurman had been turning people's heads long before she was cast in Kill Bill. The actress was already renowned for both her acting chops and her amazing looks. But Kill Bill showed the world something they didn't expect. The movie featured Uma Thurman wielding a sword as if she'd been born with it. It looked too good to be CG or body doubles, and there was good reason for that fact. Quentin Tarantino was insistent that she pick up all the necessary skills before filming the movie. Thurman was involved in an intensive training experience where she had to learn three styles of kung-fu, how to fight with a knife in hand to hand combat and how to throw it, and two separate styles of sword fighting. All of that impressed audiences, but it was her swordsmanship which really shocked people. She managed to combine incredible grace and deadly concentration while holding on to the blade. 
Tak Sakaguchi
While his name might not be as easily recognizable, he played Prisoner KSC2-303 in the movie ‘Versus’. Despite the odd name of the character, and this being his first major acting role, Sakaguchi quickly caught people's attention. While most people played Street Fighter in arcades, Sakaguchi was an actual street fighter. He spent his youth fighting in the streets while making use of both Judo and boxing skills. He caught the eye of a director interested in making a very action based movie. Sakaguchi was hired, and honed his already considerable fighting skills with heavy training in various styles of sword fighting. What makes him truly unique though is the fact that he's so used to actual fighting. During the filming, he suffered broken ribs and a variety of cuts. When he lost a tooth, he simply glued it back in place so that it wouldn't interrupt filming.

Well, we hope you like our 3 choices. If you know any other actors or actresses who knew how to wield a sword, then feel free to let us know.

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