Saturday, May 16, 2015

Top 3 Movie Swords from Sword N Armory

Our movie-themed collection of swords and weapons will satisfy your need to look the part. This unique collection contains movie replica swords, armor, and helmets from many great films and shows. With that said, here are our Top 3 favorite movie swords that our awesome customers have purchased.

The term "Spartan" still remains closely connected in a way for anyone strictly self-disciplined or brave in the face of pain, danger, or hardship. This version of the 300 Movie sword masterfully shows just that. That is why this a true Spartan warrior's sword influenced by the movie "300". Used by King Leonidas and his men, this sword contains as much punch as the experience in the movie. Spartan culture was industrious and driven to thrive. They worked towards being resilient when it came to their bodies, minds, and military effectiveness. Sparta didn't abide under the rule of any tyrant or dictator, and its body of troops were considered unstoppable.

The flawless addition to any pirate enthusiast's collection, this detailed cutlass has a guard that’s cast metal, bronze plated and emblazoned with a pirate ship at sea. The custom blade sheath is accented by a cast metal throat and tip decorated with a skull and sabers and crossed flintlock pistols. It’s a stylish sword that pays tribute to the days of The Brethren of the Coast and their adventures or misadventures on the open seas.

The golden handled sword used by Theseus in all his battles comes to life with this greatly detailed replica. The blade of the sword’s constructed from polished 440 Stainless Steel with a false edge. Theseus was that savior, fighting side by side with the Gods against the Titans. Leading his men courageously into battle with this powerful sword, he conquers his mortal enemy.

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