Saturday, June 6, 2015

Carrying a Katana On Your Back

How can a person carry a katana on their back? Many people have seen movies where ninjas have swords strapped to their backs as they climb walls. This may be possible, but ninja experts question if they drew the sword from their backs and the arguments and debates continue today.
Experts say there are four ways to carry a katana on your back:

The first would be the traditional way that some Ninjutsu masters still use today. This involves untying the sageo or cord from the saya or scabbard and using it to wrap around the body and tie the saya to the ninja; tsuka or handle end up.

Two other ways to accomplish strapping a katana to the back is with either a two strap system or a one strap system.

The two strap system is helpful because the wearer can put it on like a vest. The downside of using this method is that it settles the katana in the direct middle of the back. If the individual is trying hard not to be seen this helps but trying to draw the blade becomes a bit of a task to manage.

The one strap system allows people to just slide their arm in and carry the katana like they would carry a messenger bag. This allows the sword to rest at an angle along the back with the handle being behind the shoulder when settled into position.

The final and most unsafe way to carry a katana on the back is for someone to try to make their own. The person would take a leather cord and attach it to the scabbard. Tie the ends of the cord around the scabbard just below the sword handle. They would then slip one arm in and move the sword until it was on the back instead of at the waist. This way allows the wearer to look one way and see the handle while looking the other they see the sword pointing at the ground. If the cord isn’t tied correctly it can cause the katana damage by falling.

So there you have it. It’s possible, but you’ll have to figure out which way works for you.

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