Friday, June 19, 2015

Tools for Basic Self-Defense

In today's society, it’s important to learn how to defend yourself against any unwanted attacker(s). Aside from your cell phone, there are tools and defense mechanisms easy to use and legal to carry. Each of these devices are able to be carried in your purse or pocket during your daily activities.

Pepper Spray is one of the most commonly used tools for self-defense. It’s relatively inexpensive. Using the pepper spray when needed is easy to do. When the attacker’s approximately 6 inches away, you hold the pepper spray to their eyes and hold down on the button. The spray will cause a burning sensation in their eyes, causing them to tear up. It won’t cause permanent damage to the attacker as all they have to do is wash their eyes out with water.

A pair of handcuffs can prove useful as well. If the attacker is too close to use the pepper spray, handcuffs might be the next best thing. For instance, a great time to use them is if the attacker has his arms around your neck and’s standing behind you. If you find yourself in this situation, then just pull out the handcuffs, slapping one on the attacker’s wrist and the other on his other arm or another object, depending upon which’s closer and/or the angle that you and the attacker are facing. The other object to be used could include a staircase, metal pipe, or anything of that nature.

The final great tool used in self-defense is the tactical pen. The pen has a fake ink pen type of exterior. The out casting is made of steel. This is handy to carry with you everywhere you go. If you’re being attacked, this is great to jab your attacker as hard as you can. You want to aim for a part of the body that’s the easiest to get to that’ll stun the attacker.

All of these items are inexpensive and legal for any adult to carry. In the end, you never know when someone could come out of nowhere and start attacking you. You’ve to be ready and prepared. Self-defense is no joke and there are classes out there that can teach you how to use these tools we talked about today properly.

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