Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Top 3 Sword Video Games of All-Time!

This article's about the three best video games of all time; that feature swords. No doubt some of the readers will not agree that each video game I pick deserves to be on this list, and that's cool, they can go read something else they agree with better. Also, this short list can't possibly list all the great games from this genre. Games are chosen from all platforms and are being ranked by how fun they are/were, and an extremely heavy dose of the author's opinion. These are the three best games that feature a lot of swordplay action.

(Note, this is not a list of the three best swords. Additionally, light sabers don't actually exist. Even if they did, they're plasma based and not created from a blade, sadly.)

Number 3: God of War

I'm not sure if two blades attached to chains count as swords, but it sure was fun blasting through enemies and launching them into the air in 2005; at least until my PlayStation 2 breathed its last breath. I've still never been able to get it turned on again. I think I may buy the package on the PSN and then have hours of fun crushing enemies like flies on my PS4.

Number 2: Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time

You get to stop time and kill enemies in this game, because killing enemies is the only thing that stopping time would allow us to do. I mean, come on; if you were a video game made into a movie and you could stop time, wouldn't you think of better things to do?

Number 1: The Legend of Zelda

Really, I could place every Zelda game in this list; as they are my favorite games of all time. But, that would likely go over very poorly with the readers. So, I have simply included the original Legend of Zelda game on the NES. Bad graphics by today’s standards, but still incredibly fun. It's full of excitement, surprises, mystery, exploration, puzzles, and is one of “The Founding Fathers” in this genre. It's also my absolute favorite game ever created, and it deserves to be since I've never beaten it. To show the timelessness of this game; I recently purchased a Wii U for the sole purpose of buying this game (because I like to own games I play even though most games can be found online).

So there you have it. Let us know your thoughts either on this blog or share them socially.

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