Sunday, July 12, 2015

Being in the Right Armor

If you’re going to put together a suit of armor, you need to learn to do it properly. Chainmail is key for a number of items. It’s s a much better option than the bulkier, more awkward suit of solid steel. 

So, for this kind of suit you’ll need a chainmail tunic, chainmail headpiece, chainmail leggings (known as chausses), and chainmail gloves. The best chainmail is made of 18-gauge steel. There are a few individual intricacies about some of these chainmail items you’ll want to consider. When selecting a chainmail headpiece remember that it should flow down past your helmet and fall over your neck, and grace the top of your chainmail tunic. When selecting chainmail gloves it’s absolutely acceptable to opt for gloves lined with leather if that fits your fashion sense.

The chainmail items are definitely not the only items for a proper suit of armor. Steel Gauntlets help protect your hands. Again, there’s no harm in going for the option that goes best with your personal fashion sensibilities. You just want to make absolutely sure that its joints are easily moveable so that you can more easily move your fingers about. In addition, perhaps the most important item is the helmet which should be of polished carbon steel. It’s not absolutely necessary, but a good surcoat is always a good touch. This is a garment that goes over your armor and portrays your particular coat of arms.

To finalize your suit, you'll want a sword. There are a vast array of styles and types of swords from which to choose. There’s no right or wrong here. Choose the sword that most fits your personality and look.

This will make up a respectable suit of armor. As long as you take care of it properly, it’ll stay that way.

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