Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Most Common Sword Metals

When considering what type of metal to use for a specific blade, you must consider the job the blade is being made for, and then pick the metal accordingly. Is the blade going to be a tool, a decoration, or a razor sharp blade of war? The sword metal used will determine the blades overall hardness, toughness, edge quality and durability so it's important to use the right kind.

Sword Steel
The most common type of metal used for sword making is steel. There are a variety of metal mixtures that are all classified as steel. Stainless steel, high carbon steel, tool steel, spring steel and Damascus steel are the varieties commonly used in sword making with stainless steel varieties being the most common.

Stainless Steel
Stainless steel blades while being the most common are pretty much for decoration only. Stainless steel is easier to work with, has good corrosion resistance and holds it's edge well. This blade is mainly for show and will dull quickly under tough circumstances.

Tool Steel
Tool steel is another commonly used steel that swords may be made from. Tool steel is much harder than stainless but it's also harder to work into a useful shape. Tool steel doesn’t hold a sharp edge as well as stainless or high carbon steel but it will make a hard durable blade that is functional for many uses.

High Carbon Steel
High carbon steel blades are harder and retain their sharp edge well. These blades aren't very corrosion resistant and will rust if left to the elements. While swords made from high carbon steel may require a little extra care, they are the best for razor sharpness and overall usability.

Spring Steel
Spring steel is mixed with a bit of chromium and silicon to make it not quite stainless, but extremely tough and durable. The silicon gives the steel a flexibility none of the other steels can match. Blades made from this type of steel have good corrosion resistance and will hold a nice edge.

Damascus blades are made from any type of steel that is folded to make it harder and give the blade a nice pattern.

High carbon steel, and spring steel blades make the best sharp edged weaponry whereas tool steel makes better utility blades like hatchets and machetes that see a lot of work use. Damascus and stainless steel blades are more decorative blades and mainly for show.

Using the right type of steel for a specific blade will ensure it does the job it's being asked to do. Using tool steel in a machete won't provide a keen edge for long, but the blade will cut miles and miles of foliage. Blades made with high carbon or spring steel make excellent blades of war because of their toughness and ability to hold a razor sharp edge, but they will need to be oiled and more often maintained.

Whether you're hanging it up, chopping down weeds or whittling with your blade, be sure to choose the right blade steel for the job you want it to do. You won't regret it.

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