Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Learning The Difference Between Manga and Anime

Manga and Anime are often used to mean the same thing, but in reality, they are two different terms, with two separate meanings. Anime refers to hand drawn or computer created animations in television shows and movies. Manga refers to drawn or written stories/ comics, made in Japan, conforming to Japanese style and language. They are often referred to as comics from Japan, in other countries. Simply, the amine is a carton while Manga is a comic. Manga started in the 12th century though it fully developed after the World War 2. Anime, on the other hand, developed in the 20th century.

A team of directors, studio heads, writers, voice actors and many others develops Anime. They have to work as a team and consider others views and demands. The production is mad up of direct professional views making it more polished than the Manga, where ideas are only from one person. Manga only requires one person to write of draw the history. This gives the author of the manga full rights and control over his or her work.

Manga is always an original work. No Manga writer wants to copy an already existing work. The work is always experimental and self-published. It is cheap to produce sand and manage. Anime is always an adaptation of already existing work. It is considered safer not to indulge in entirely original work, as it is unsafe market wise. Though there are several exceptional to this rule, it is safe to invest in an already tested and proven formula in the projects.

Manga is often lengthy and can take 20 years as long as the writer is still interested in writing and keeping the fans. The anime often take a shorter period, comprising of several series and episodes. Production of Manga is brief and cheap. A complete volume can be produced in a week and cost as little as $10 to publish and distribute the copies. On the other hand, can take several months to prepare a series, and costs hundreds of dollars. A single episode can take a week to produce and costs a hundred dollars to produce. The big team also has to be paid and be managed as they contribute to the ideas for the show or the film. This makes Anime expensive to produce. The fans also have to wait for the DVDs of CD's to be produced for them to buy. This can be costly for them.

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