Tuesday, August 11, 2015

The Art of Fighting With A Dagger

A dagger is a compact weapon that can be very dangerous. If you find yourself in a combative situation, knowing how to properly defend yourself with the dagger is vital to your victory. This will ensure that you'll obtain complete control over your weapon at all times, you'll always do with it what you are trying to do, and you'll not get injured with your weapon in the process of the defense.

Finding a dagger that fits you is important. This means you'll want a dagger that has the right weight for your body size. For example, if you find a dagger that's too heavy or too light, it can mess up your judgement of the fight. Next, you'll want to find a dagger that has the right blade length. In most states, a law is implemented to let you know what size blade is legal to carry at all times. This will help prevent you from becoming arrested or get into any type legal trouble.

Since a dagger is a short blade knife, you'll have to learn how to fight close combat. In most cases, you'll have to punch, kick, and block oncoming attacks simultaneously to your counter attack with a dagger. Most cases, the fight will be over quickly, especially if the opponent doesn't think you've a weapon. Always keep the dagger near your body. For example, if the attacker grabs you from behind, the best place to have it is in your pocket. You can then easily grab the weapon out of your pocket and hit your opponent is the leg, stomach, or side with the weapon. The surprise of your attack will leave them hindered enough for you to escape and call the police.

To learn more substantial moves with the dagger, taking a self-defense course is advised. Self-defense courses are under the advisement and education of a professional. They'll be able to give you specific training on how to maintain complete control of your dagger while defending yourself in almost every position and in almost every situation.

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