Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Asian Swords vs. European Swords: A Clash of Blades

All throughout history, a number of cultures have created a number of weapons that were designed to create peace or conquer some foreign land. One of the most well-known weapons is the sword. This offensive weapon was designed to allow the user to cut, pierce or slice through opposition. There are a number of civilizations that have created swords, but none as popular as the European and Asian swords.

Most Asian swords are designed with a curved blade. This curve blade was designed to offer a warrior a more effective sword for the specific battlefield. In most wars fought in Asia, the battlefield was on open ground. This open spaced battlefield is perfect for quick slashes that could injure or maim the enemy. Since curved swords were used for slashing, this allowed warriors to ride horse back and easy injure multiple foes. The major benefit of this curved designed is there is less concern of the sword piercing an enemy and getting stuck. These swords were often lightweight and extremely easy to unsheathe.

Both the European as well as the Asian cultures created awesome swords. European styled swords were designed to help the warriors deal with short range combat. These swords heavily emphasized heavy blades that would chop and pierce. These swords would also go on to be redesigned to help pierce armor and take out smaller types of shields. Asian swords were designed for quick slashes and fast combat. The purpose of their curve was to ensure clean cuts that would not become stuck. Also, the curved blades were the perfect companion for the Calvary styled attacks that were mainly used in Asia.

Most European swords are designed with a straight heavy blade in mind. The design of this sword was to offer a warrior a more effective weapon for close combat. Many wars fought during the Medieval period were fought at close combat. The intent was to mortally wound the opponent. These close combat situations allowed a warrior to easy pierce or cut off a limb or someone's head. Once armor became an integral part of Medieval warfare, the rapier was used to pierce between armor plates. These types of swords offered swift, yet deadly strikes that could kill a foe quickly.

As you can see, both of these cultures have created some amazing swords throughout the centuries. Recognizing the difference between Asian and European swords takes an eye for detail and a little knowledge of history.

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