Thursday, October 22, 2015

Cutting in Your Backyard, Formally Trained or Not.

Everyone knows that getting into a new hobby takes time and can be difficult.  Martial arts can be considered a hobby or lifestyle, depending on how seriously you approach it.

So since we're called Swordnarmory, what about just using swords for the fun of it in your backyard without formal training?

Well first off would be our disclaimer, that we are not responsible for any injuries or deaths that may occur by use of any weapon, be it swords, knives, bows and arrows, or firearms.  However, one can learn the very basics, enough to have fun cutting and enjoy their hobby instead of letting their swords collect dust.

As users, our foremost concern is actively pursuing safe sword handling habits and having a proper mindset.  Then we turn our attention to the fun stuff.

This isn't about getting to a certain cutting pattern in the fastest amount of time, rather it is about enjoying the journey and striving to get your body to remember that perfect grip and stance where your cuts felt effortless.

Some may view backyard cutters as being wanna-be martial artists who don't amount to snuff, but as a backyard cutter, I beg to differ.  The main point of interest is fundamentally different.  First off, I am not interested in fighting for my life and defending myself from another sword wielding person.  I am interested in training my body, hand and eye coordination, as well as enjoying using my swords.  Therefore the martial aspect of this need not apply.  I also contend that the martial art forms being taught by generations of sensei had to be created by someone at some point in time.  All we're doing is focusing on cutting targets, not how to evade, deflect, and land that killing blow.

So go out there and buy good quality functional swords that are made to cut with, and go use them!  If you aren't sure about what makes a sword functional, just browse our functional swords page on our website or contact us.

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