Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Hand-to-Hand Combat: Native Americans vs Ninjas

The Native Americans vs. Ninjas, an interesting concept, right? It's actually not too far-fetched, and it does make for interesting combat. However, these two groups have two totally different styles. One’s more upfront, the other’s more elusive. If these two were to meet, it would be on their own terms.

With that said, let's see what this battle would look like from both perspectives.

In my opinion, a ninja would win purely based on the art of subtly. They’d adapt to their surroundings and find a way to really take advantage of their environment to the point where they won't be seen or heard. They’ve great fighting skills that’ll enable them to go on the offense and defense. Additionally, they’ve the right weaponry to get it done.

A ninja will want to fight in the dark, and are armed to go through any kind of climate due to their dark clothing. Also, some donned bits of samurai armor as well. They will set up a great ambush in secrecy to really catch the opponent off guard. Their advantage is in the element of surprise.

The kinds of weapons used range from a shuriken (ninja star), katana, kunai, and even a kama (this was used as a gardening tool).Weaponry used was a mix of function and design. Most were made from actual gardening tools used by the common man. Ninjas can plan an attack for a whole year to see how someone moves. At the moment that target least expects it, he's gone in a flash. This way they know every possible outcome before the actual intended engagement. For a ninja, knowing their opponent ahead of time helps win the battle.

A Native American acts on spontaneity and intimidation. They’d want an open field in nature blend in their surroundings. Also, they move sporadically and yell bombastically to really throw off their enemies. They’ve war paint and tend to wear clothing that are more associated with the natural elements around them. They get great power of using the up field to their advantage so they can ambush, retreat, or set up some kind of counterattack.

The types of weapons they use are tomahawk for a middle range throw, arrows for long distances, war hatchets, spears, and knives. They also have a similarity with the ninjas due to the weapons being much more than battle tools. They also used some of these tools for hunting purposes to kill buffalo, deer, and other big game. They do have a spiritual element like the ninja as well. In fact, they have spiritual weapons such as the medicine shield, which protects the user in battle.

Both sides have their strengths and weaknesses, but ninjas edge out due to their fighting skills and elusiveness. A ninja can use everything in his environment to his advantage, and it’d be hard for a Native American to cope with this kind of skill. Ninjas work based on efficiency, which would give them an advantage in any battle situation.

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