Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Polypropylene Training Weapons: The Training Weapon You Should be Using.

39" Polypropylene Bokken with Scabbard and Tsuba

So, why the hype about plastic?  Well polypropylene is a thermoplastic polymer resin that exhibits exceptional resistance to shock and is slightly flexible and almost unbreakable. Factor in an impressive melting point of 320 degrees Fahrenheit and this makes it an extremely versatile material.

But we're not engineers or manufacturers of food containers, so what does it have to do with martial artists and sparring enthusiasts?  The key lies in the physical properties of polypropylene having high impact strength and being bendable but nearly unbreakable.  Also, compared to many traditional wood training weapons, it won't snap, splinter, or warp.

At Swordnarmory, we strive to carry excellent cost-effective products for the serious martial artist and enthusiast.  This is why we carry such a comprehensive selection of martial arts dojo grade supplies and training weapons and we feel that this line of polypropylene training weapons will take your sparring and training to another level in terms of realism and quality training time.

Pair of Polypropylene Butterfly Knives

We offer a variety of polypropylene training swords and weapons, from Roman gladius swords, medieval swords, machetes, knives, katananinja swords and even shields. Each model comes with textured surfaces and smooth edges for smooth and easy use while training.  We also offer low-tone all black models as well as shinier eye-catching silver and copper colored models, where the dyes are actually molded in with the polypropylene for a super durable finish.

Polypropylene Copper Colored Shield

Our bokken line features interchangeable guards and optional saya accessories for iai drawing practice and proper noto technique.

Remember, if you are using a polypropylene training weapon for sparring, polypropylene protective gear and shields are the best medium to strike against to decrease wear and gouging.

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