Tuesday, November 10, 2015

An Assassin's Favorite Weapon: The Dagger

Made famous in many movies and TV shows, the dagger has always been a popular weapon for those looking to protect themselves or attack others in a subtle way. Small knives that were developed long before the Bronze Age were made of flint and stone, but would later be developed to become the dagger as we know it today.

Assassins have used the dagger since the medieval times as a small, but deadly weapon that could be single or double-edged, and hidden with ease because of its small size. The death of Julius Caesar is usually attributed to 23 former allies wielding daggers in one of the most famous assassinations in history.

The size of the dagger has always been one of the reasons assassins from around the world have looked to use the weapon. Lightweight and small in size, the dagger could be hidden with ease under clothing and used in close quarters without the need for the large amount of space required when a sword or other large weapon was used. In medieval times and through to the present day the majority of assassinations take place at close quarters, a requirement that makes the dagger a perfect weapon. The small size of the dagger and its pointed end; perfect for use with a stabbing motion means it could remain hidden from view as the assassin approached their victim, and only revealed at the last moment to leave the target without the time needed to defend themselves.

The small size and ability to use the dagger in a silent way were just two of the benefits of using it for an assassination, which also included the use of the weapon to defend oneself if discovered. Always used in close quarters, the dagger is still used by members of the military, and remains in use with assassins seeking the best ways of killing a target with little noise or mess.

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