Wednesday, November 25, 2015

How Often Should I Conduct Sword Maintenance?

Swords have captured the imagination for many years, whether they’re broadaxes, Samurai swords, or thin rapiers, individuals have long had a fascination with them. Sword collectors embrace their collections and may have a number of swords they enjoy. With that said, sword maintenance is something that any collector of swords should know.

How to maintain swords that is the question? What does one do? There are certain essential steps one most go through in order to maintain a sword.

Although some people are uncertain about sword care once your sword is received, apply a thin mineral or sewing machine oil to the blade. Also keep the blade sharpened with an emery file and whetstone. One of the things that needs to be done is a wipe down to keep the basic oil on the sword after use. There are various methods you can use to do this as well. Make sure to use the sword properly.

Proper use of sword is important in sword care. Do NOT swing your sword needlessly or bash it against items. You also must take care to not touch the blade with your hands.

Japanese Samurai swords as well as regular swords need to be cleaned after every use. Wipe them off after every use and apply oil so that they are ready to go next. Taking the time to wipe down a sword is what many sword experts recommend. It is simply the way to give swords what they need in terms of maintenance. Make certain that you get the type of oil recommended when looking for the quality oils you can use.

Other factors that go into sword maintenance would be to keep the sword free from dust and keep the blade sharpened. Also, never touch the blade with your hands as mentioned as it can be dulled.

These are a few things that go into proper care and maintenance of your sword and understanding all of them will allow you to keep your sword for a long time, and make sure it is something that will always look its best, and keep its value.

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