Sunday, November 22, 2015

How to Properly Use A Shield in Combat

Over the years, many people preferred war as the ultimate solution to any kind of human conflict. This led to increased conflict among people of different countries thus leading to the rise of civil and international war. As a result, many countries resorted in finding new ways of curbing and preventing themselves from injuries during fighting battles. This led to the emergence and development of many instruments of defense. These instruments were made to adequately protect the warrior and make the attacking process easy. The fighters were clothed in a full warrior combat that ensured maximum protection in the battle field.

A shield is one of the most important tools that people used on the battling fields. They came in different types and weights. For instance, the Medieval Shields and Scottish Shields were the most famous and used shields in the battle field during the earlier years. The shields are designed to fit many different occasions. There are those meant as functional shields, decorative and battle ready shields. This has provided a wide variety of shields to choose from. The functional shield is mostly used in theaters and in play production. They are made to depict the exact situation of the real life in the theater. They are also made to protect people during fighting on the battle field. As such, it has many different uses that culminate into its success. The functional shield is made up of tough steel material to ensure maximum protection during fighting.

The SCA Battle Ready Shield is one of the most used and popular fighting shield. It's made up of 16 gauge steel that makes it strong and functional at all times. This material is very tough and no object can easily penetrate it during the defensive process during fighting. The back is made of 1.5 inch leather strap which makes it more durable and increase its aesthetic value. They're hand painted and field with polyurethane to ensure maximum protection during battling sessions. This has greatly improved its functionality in the face of fighting and provides utmost protection to the whole body in the event of an attack.

The shield is made to come handy with other weapons during war. They're usually held by the left hand during war and living the right hand to engage in attacking using any type of assorted weapon. Mostly the shield is used with a sword during fighting sessions. The sword is held by the right hand and is used to attack the enemy while the shield can be used to defend or push the enemy backwards during fighting. The shield is made up of materials that don’t rust and can be used in any kind of weather condition.

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