Thursday, November 26, 2015

Learning A Few Sword Tips From Watching Anime

You can learn a few sword tips from watching Anime because these movies are all made in Japan. Japan no longer lives in the Samurai age, but they do have a deep and profound respect for the Samurai age. The people who still study the ancient arts of sword fighting are present in Japan today, and these people help the animators make their sword fights look realistic. This means that you are watching something that was made for people who actually know how to fight with swords.

Watch The Moves Carefully

The best animation studios are using motion capture suits to track the movements of their fighting consultants, and they copy these moves in the studio as they draw. This is a very important part of the design process, and this is why you will be able to learn something from these fights because they are based on real martial artists.

The Fights Vary

The people who are making anime are going to use as many sword techniques as they want to make sure that all their movies look that much better. Everyone who is looking for a way to make sure that they are learning more about sword fighting should watch as much anime as possible. You will see all kinds of sword fights, and you can slow them down to study them on your own.


You get to practice the things that you are working on by slowing down the film using modern technology. The technology that you use will help you make the most of each fight. You can follow the swipes of each sword, and you can see which move each character uses. You can style your fighting after a character that you like, and you can style your fighting based on many moves you found. Practice does make perfect.

Everyone who is looking for a way to get the most out of the sword fighting should start watching anime today.The consultants on your favorite anime movies and shows are using the skills of real swordsmen to create the fights that you see on the screen.

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