Monday, November 9, 2015

Top 3 Self-Defense Sword Stories of 2015

First things first, I don't advocate sword violence by any means. However, when it's a person defending themselves or their territory from either bodily harm or robbery, it may become necessary to use a weapon in self-defense. These three brave people just this past year showed how sometimes a sword can come in handy as a defense tool However, keep in mind, all three of them have something else in common other than having a sword they knew how to properly use responsibly. 

Here are these individuals who this past year used a sword to defend themselves against criminals.

Warding-Off Four Armed Robbers

This incident happened in Argentina in April. Dias Costa actually managed to defend his home along with himself from four armed criminals who broke in with his Samurai Sword. The four men who broke into the home no doubt didn't know what hit them. Costa reportedly slashed them in the arms and neck. The four fled the house and stole Costas car. But it wasn't long due to their injuries that they were apprehended by authorities.

He Messed With the Wrong Woman

Imagine coming out of your bathroom and finding an intruder in your home? This is exactly what happen to Karen Dolby a woman who lives in Indianapolis back in October of 2015. Dolby had just emerged from her bathroom and saw a man standing in her hall way. Immediately she started to hit the man, then grabbed the one weapon she had nearby her Japanese Combat Sword. She took the sword and placed it against the man to keep him pinned to the floor as she called for help. Later, it was determined that the man was high on drugs and had claimed he was hiding out from someone. He also claimed that he meant Dolby no real harm. Whether he did or not will never be known, but Dolby should be commended for keeping her cool in a situation that could have anyone losing it.

Boy Did They Pick the Wrong Store to Rob

Convenient store clerks always have to be ready for would be thieves and Jewad Hayitt who owns and operates the Perry Market in Pittsburgh is certainly an example. In August of 2015 two guys dressed like Samurai warriors tried to rob his store late at night at knife point. However, Hayitt was prepared and grabbed a large sword from behind the counter. The two suspects fled the store after realizing that the man behind the counter was more than ready to defend his territory.

So, there they are, three stories of courage these individuals shown for defending themselves with swords. But notice in only one of the incidents was the sword actually used to do bodily harm. Although, no one could really fault Costa for doing so, after all, he wasn't only defending himself and his home from four armed mean that could have done anything, he was also defending his wife who was in the home with him at the time. 

Maybe violence is never the answer but defending oneself against an unthinkable act is something that's in all human nature, as these three stories have proven.

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