Tuesday, November 24, 2015

What Makes BLEACH Such an Awesome Anime Series?

Those who love animated shows like Dragonball Z or Naruto should also check out BLEACH. This animated series is centered on Shunsui Kyoraku. It’s an action-adventure show, but don’t underestimate its ability to be a heart-wrenching story throughout. Most will agree that it’s one of the best-animated shows on television. The dedicated fans love the way they’re constantly adding new characters and also giving ample background information on the new additions. Each one seems to fit seamlessly into their storyline and enhance it rather than distract. 

Many find that they form an emotional attachment with the characters and their amazing storylines. Regardless of what’s going on, the storyline never seems to disappoint. Everything in this series is well thought out and timely executed. The level of commitment that the characters show to both their family and friends is undeniable. They stand beside one another regardless what they have done or are facing. The actions and music just take the show to a whole other level. 

The action scenes are really what made this series popular. Each character has their own fighting styles and abilities. Let's not forget about the amazing swords that’re used. The artwork in this series is stellar and how they come up with some of those weapons used in the fights is just mind-blowing. No wonder so many people tune in each week just to see what will happen next. 

Sword fighting, or ‘zanjutzu’, is the trademark martial art of this series. The characters are divided into swordsman, expert swordsman, and master swordsman. There’s a whole hierarchy of fighters and various codes of honor. Viewers become intimately acquainted with characters and their unique weapons through the sword fighting scenes. 

For those who haven’t’ seen this show, the characters are what make it spectacular. They all have been written well and fit nicely into this top notch story. Ichigo is the main character, and he is known and loved by all as a great hero. He is continually getting stronger never complains about his adversaries being tougher than him. From the inception, Ichigo got his powers because he desired to protect the people he loved. Zaraki Kenpachi is a simple man who is very plain spoken. He loves to fight, so he does it quite well. Kisuke Urahara is one charming character that also has elements of mystery. Other important characters include Yoruichi, Toshiro, Jushiro, and Soifon.

It’s easy to see why BLEACH is taking the animated world by storm. The author of this show loves to tease the viewers and have us laughing one minute and ready to cry the next. This show will grab the heartstrings and not let go. 

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