Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Japanese Martial Arts: Using the Sai and Jutte

The Sai and Jutte are mostly used in the Japanese Martial Arts. They best serve as defensive weapons. These two weapons help attack and bring down your opponent, while at the same time block and disarm them. 

The Sai
The Sai is a traditional weapon that is used in the Japanese martial arts. It’s a dagger shaped weapon that has a metallic prong shaped baton emerging from its middle. From its handle protrudes two curved prongs and that project out. There are different forms of prongs to the Sai that offer varying blocking and trapping abilities. 

Use of Sai in Martial Arts
The Sai in Japanese martial arts is mostly used in pairs. One of the Sai is held in one hand and the other piece is held in the other hand. It’s practiced with the five kata. Here, the Sai is used to enhance strikes, blocks, parries, and captures to the attacker from all levels. This weapon is primarily meant for striking. However, it best when used with other defensive techniques in martial arts. It helps to disarm the opponent who’s using long weapons, such as the katana. This weapon’s most suitable for very agile people as it’s versatile in its use. Sometimes, it’s used as a practicing weapon in Jujitsu as well. In this case, it’s only used to add flair while one concentrates on certain movements.

The Jutte
The Jutte is associated with the martial arts of Jutte-Jutsu. This weapon is somewhat similar to the Sai. The only difference is that unlike the Sai, the Jutte is used as a single weapon. Also, it has two batons, one long and straight (boshin), while the other is short and curved on the side of the longer baton (kagi).

Use of the Jutte in Martial Arts
The Jutte is used to block knives and swords coming at you from an opponent. While blocking their weapon, its shaft hits the opponent and may also break the knife or sword being used by them by twisting the Jutte. The art of breaking an opponent’s weapon will require much strength and mastery of martial arts. For having the ability to break your opponent’s weapons, the Jutte is also referred to as the ‘sword breaker’. The kagi is not only used for trapping a sword, it can also be used to press the weak points of the opponent or hook into their clothes. Also, it can be used as hook for the thumb while holding the Jitte backwards to allow you use other techniques such as throwing punches.

Due to the nature of these weapons, one has to be extra careful when using them. You need to know where to place your hand and fingers with each technique otherwise you might end up hurting yourself.

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