Friday, December 25, 2015

Neck Knives Gaining Popularity

The humble neck knife. It has been around for centuries but why the sudden climb in popularity? Much of it’s due to the increase in quality, though the ease of access in self-defense situations is another large contributing factor. These minimalist blades have hung around the necks of hunters and explorers for generations, and they still appeal to society today. You see, today's high tech methods for designing and producing these small blades have made neck knives not only more durable than ever, but have made them more aesthetically pleasing as well. 

There are countless varieties of handle and blade styles on the market today, some of the more popular being the "Skeletonized" models. These large variations in styles allow the knives to be more appealing to a larger audience. The avid outdoorsman may be looking for a neck knife for a specific purpose, and therefore needing a particular type of blade or handle. Someone just wanting one on the basis of self-defense may be looking for something a bit more conspicuous and most likely smaller than what a hunter or hiker may want. With all the neck knife types and styles available, finding something to match your preferences should be hard to do. There are even some neck knives that are as small as a credit card, from the tip of the blade to the butt of the handle.

There are also several different ways of hanging your neck knife. Some may opt for a simple beaded chain. Others may go with the ‘paracord method’, which adds bonus functionality to their neck knife. This, again, depends on what the knife's intended purpose is. If you are anticipating the need to break the knife away from your neck rapidly, the beaded chain offers that assurance. If you are simply using it to feel secure while taking Fido out for a walk around the block, you may decide you want to go with a chain or string. 

With literally thousands of style options available and prices as low as a few bucks, it is no wonder why neck knife business is booming.

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