Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Accuracy is Key in Any Sword Battle

What Really Matters in Sword Duels?
Accuracy is the key in any sword battle. The very statement is a fact and truth that has been proven over centuries. From the time of the Roman Empire, there have been sword duels. The sword and its construction methods matter immensely, but accuracy is really the attribute that makes the difference. A swordsman can have the best blade known to man, but if they don't know how to accurately deliver the killing strike, the craftsmanship is irrelevant. What’s true in the modern age and what was true back in the times of old is that sword dueling is improved by strong discipline and frequent practice. Nothing fine-tunes a sword dueler then taking the time to sharpen their strike.

What Makes a Swordsman a Master at Their Craft?
Accuracy is the true and only factor that decides who wins and who loses. There used to be a lot of focus placed on sword craftsmanship, but this factor isn’t as pertinent as it once was long ago. The truth about sword craftsmanship is that the steel of the modern age is perfected enough to craft high quality blades. Craftsmanship of the early age matter so immensely because of the refinement process of the metals used in sword craftsmanship. Impurities and slag were often found in metal blade construction of the early age. The impurities caused sword blades to be weak and unreliable. The modern age has produced new steel smelting methods that make blades very strong. 

What Can a Sword Dueler Can Do to Increase Their Accuracy?
Accuracy is a skill that can be refined at every step of a sword dueler’s career. There’s never a time when the dueler cannot improve or refine their swordsmanship. Accuracy can be improved upon by utilizing the exercise of (pinpoint jab and stick). The exercise involves the sword and a target about the size of a silver dollar. The target is placed in front at mid-section height and the swords men will be placed at a distance of 9 steps in front of target. The swordsman then advances with his sword in short steps towards the target. The advancement should be with concentration focused on placing the tip of the sword in the center of target. Centering the blade with each advancing step will refine accuracy and hand-eye coordination.

What’s Another Exercise to Improve Sword Accuracy and Dueling Success?
Establish a target on object that’s on each side of the swordsmen. Place a target at sword and arm reach on each side. Practice side strikes with upper jabs that focus on precision target strikes. These exercises can later be perfected by using a moving target such as one swung randomly on a length of rope. The mechanics of body motion should be watched to help tailor torso motion that throws the sword strike off. By varying the size of the target accuracy, you can go from uncontrolled to pinpoint control.

Overall, patience and focus is a real must when utilizing these accuracy methods of dueling precision.

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