Monday, February 22, 2016

Cosplay Etiquette: 5 Rules to Follow when Participating

Cosplay is one of the world's largest growing phenomena's. Cosplay (for those who aren't educated on the meaning) is an interpretive art form in which individuals dress up like, or create extravagant costumes, a certain character from a movie, TV series, or novel. Most people spend large amounts of time and effort re-creating a character that they can personify in the form of a costume or with particular props. The craftsmanship and articulation you will find in any one cosplayer's wardrobe is truly one-of-a-kind. 

So what're the boundaries to these populating social events and conventions that are sweeping across the globe? Below you'll find 5 differentiated rules that you should consider before cosplaying with the rest of the world.

Cosplay Rule #1: No Offensive Clothing
As a nation, we have been growingly considering ourselves as a racially diverse group in which we are free to practice and exercise our rights, religions, and other such means. It is very heart-breaking to see a cosplay costume that can be seen as offensive to certain cultures or ethnic groups. Take great pride in customizing your cosplay outfit, but be sure to check for possible red flags that could be drawn from all forms of on-lookers. As cosplay gains popularity, the amount of different countries participating also increases. By considering that statistic you should be consciously aware of what you are choosing to drape across your body. Most cosplay costume ideas don't render any racial back fire or cause any problems with others. You just want to make sure you aren't pushing any buttons with your specific outfit and you may want to research your intended outfit before you start composing the piece to wear.

Cosplay Rule #2: No "Bullying"
Bullying has been a problem this and other nations have been experiencing in recent history. The idea of cosplay is to create a large social atmosphere in which an individual can appreciate others and their efforts. It is meant to be a complimentary experience filled with nothing but smiles and memorable experiences. We don't want someone raining on someone's parade just because we have some fantasized vendetta we're looking to get off of our chest. Do yourself and all other cosplayer's a favor: check your attitude at the door. Embrace the experience and the event as if you were a guest of honor in someone's home. There is no need or place for hatred at any cosplay events, so if that is your intention, please do not attend these events.

Cosplay Rule # 3: Do Your Research
Many people are curious about the whole cosplay experience. Most will often attend these events and conventions to get a feel for what they're like or what to expect. The internet is a great resource when looking for tips and pointers on what to wear, what to look for, and what you can expect from an individual event and venue. All venues are different and some include certain cosplay trends where you will find people all dressed in a similar fashion or to model a certain TV show, movie and so forth. Before attending, look into some of the historical references of different cosplay events. There are famed cosplayers scattered all over the internet, so check out their pages and take some advice from them. The more you know the better and the more prepared you'll be to make your first cosplaying experience a successful adventure,

Cosplay Rule #4: Positivity
When attending a cosplay convention, bring your "bright" side. The intended meaning behind this is open yourself up to a new experience. These are very social events in which large communities of people gather to swap information, tips, and even take pictures and sign autographs. You want to fit in and feel like you're a part of the overall experience. Use your outfit as your getaway from day-to-day life and events. As mentioned before, this is an experience like any other; so embrace it!

Cosplay Rule # 5: HAVE FUN
This is the most important factor when it comes to cosplay. It is a large gathering of individuals who may dress up completely different then the man/woman you'll see later in the week at your place of work. The atmosphere allows for you to enjoy some laughs, meet a multitude of new people, to create interactions you won't find elsewhere. This is the time where you kick back and relax. Use it to relieve a little stress and unwind from the same old same old. Enjoy your first experience and never let that smile leave your face.

Cosplay can be a whole new world of excitement and creativity. You can express yourself in a manner that allows you to release anything that's been getting to you as of late. Keep these rules in mind and make sure to have a good time at whatever cosplay event or convention you attend next.

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