Tuesday, February 9, 2016

How Rust-Resistant is High Carbon Steel When Making A Sword?

High carbon steel is more rust-resistant than traditional steel when you’re making a sword, but you must understand the stark differences between the two. There are times when a normal steel product will work just fine for you, but there are times when you need high carbon steel. The differences are right here for you to read, and you must think about which product will work best.

The Rust
Everything can rust under the right conditions, but high-carbon steel is going to rust a lot more slowly than the steel you use on most products. You can still get rust on high-carbon steel, but it’ll hold out a lot longer. This helps if you’re creating a piece that’ll be used in adverse weather conditions, and the high-carbon steel assists when you’re leaving the sword up on a display for all to see. Any place with humidity could start the rusting process, but high-carbon steel may not rust because it’s so much stronger.

Sharpening a high-carbon steel sword is really hard because the steel is so strong. Make no mistake, just because you’ll get a really sharp blade out of the process, it doesn’t mean that it’s going to be easy. You cannot pull the sword together in a couple hours, and it’ll be just as hard to polish when you’re done making the sword. 
You can sharpen normal steel a lot faster, and this is going to help you if you use the sword the sword a lot or need to move quickly. The sword can be engraved more easily, but you might not need engraving. You’re trying to balance between keeping the sword sharp and having a sword that will hold up to your personal needs. 

A sword that’s used all the time should be heavy and strong, but a sword that you don’t have a lot of time for might need to be made from traditional steel. The choice is yours.

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