Monday, April 18, 2016

3 Swords That're Perfect for Spring

Spring has sprung, the snow has melted and it's time to start fresh. With a clean space to work with, now’s a wonderful time to add to or begin your sword collection and get ready for cosplay, LARPing and faire season. Look no further than Sword N We carry a dazzling variety of handmade blades and equipment that’ll be perfect for the season.

A beautiful piece of equipment to consider would be the 1045 Steel Shirasaya Samurai Katana Sword with Dragon Engraved Natural Wood Saya. It's beautifully crafted and sleek and is reminiscent of spring waking up the world from its winter nap with its blade tucked away inside that natural wood finish that's prone to handle the seasonal changes that come with the quickly turning weather. It's a well-designed and an easily manageable sword for early year training or showcasing. 

Another dashing sword filled with life and adventure is the Robin Hood Sword With Sheath Medieval Crusader Knight. This sword is emblazoned with a beautiful blue iridescent stone that shines like a fresh spring river. The blade is gorgeous and ornate with wonderful scroll work. The legend of Robin Hood conjures a vibrant images of excitement and this blade is just the piece to bring the ballads to life. Perfect for springtime fairs, this blade is light enough to be a comfortable fit in any collection.

In the color of spring itself, this 
46.5" Fantasy Green Blade Anime Sword with Sheath LARP Cosplay Costume is a must have seasonally appropriate blade it is well crafted using stainless steel. It isn't overly flashy in its faux leather sheath but is beautiful in its own right with its muted painted green coloring and sparkling blue gem tucked into the guard. This blade is perfect for LARP and Cosplay season as the weather warms up this show sword is bound to dazzle.

While we also have a plethora of awesome equipment, these three blades are sure to delight this spring season. Whether you're looking for the ultimate piece or finishing a costume, you can find these products and more when you check out our site today.

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