Monday, April 11, 2016

The 3 Things A Gentleman's Knife Must Have

In a world driven by things that go beep and lights that blink, there’s a steadfast tool that every capable gentleman should possess. This tool neither beeps nor lights up, and it’s something that’s often overlooked until we find ourselves desperately in need of it. That tool is the knife, and not just any knife but a knife fit for a gentleman – a gentleman’s knife. A gentleman is prepared for any situation and preparation requires that he carry the proper tool for the job.

Below are three factors essential to this essential tool, the gentleman’s knife.

A gentleman is proud of his possessions because he’s careful to only invest in quality products. A good quality knife will serve for years and will inspire confidence in anyone who holds it. Quality in the materials used in construction, design and the finished product are essential to the proper gentleman’s knife. The quality of the knife should reflect the quality of the man.

Proper assembly of quality materials should result in a knife that’s elegant and stylish just like the gentleman. The gentleman’s knife shouldn’t only be of good quality but also something that he’s proud you use and display in any situation and any place. The gentleman’s knife should display an elegance that’ll make anyone who sees it or is lucky enough to borrow it feel as if he too should own such a knife.

A Refined Look
There are a multitude of different knifes available but the gentleman’s knife must have a refined look. A refined look starts with the two requirements above, the fusion of quality components with elegant craftsmanship should result in a refined look that the gentleman is happy to display. The look of the knife should reflect the gentleman himself and just as the gentleman is refined and proper in his appearance so too should be his knife. The gentleman’s knife looks just as good with overalls as it does with a suit, just as appealing with a hunting bag as a briefcase and just as useful in the office as in the backyard.

There is a reason your grandfather carried a knife and the properly equipped gentleman should do the same. The gentleman’s knife is reflective of the gentleman himself in quality, elegance, and its refined look.

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