Wednesday, May 11, 2016

How To Train with a Kung Fu Dao Polypropylene Training Broad Sword

This training sword is made frompropylene, and it is very adamant, almost impossible to break. It has a sword-like blade, a groove and textured surface for added aesthetic. It is a great tool for training purposes.

The world’s best sword fighters have a secret or rather a simple truth that everyone aspiring to become a world champion should know. If you aspire to be a good fighter, you should strive to learn footwork, sword fighting techniques, and the basic stances. However, if you want to be a master, start training with a live blade.

For those whose ultimate goal is to use sharp swords efficiently and safely, they need to train with a sword that has appropriate size, heft and feel of a live blade.

The Dao sword may look like a simple weapon to manipulate. However, it is very tough to master. With the Dao, every strike must have to draw towards himself/herself, and a slicing action before biting into the object. Failure to do this, the sword will get stuck in the target.

Every beginner should know how to guide moves and force moves. The skill of a Kung Fu practitioner is to be capable of making the Dao sword dance rather than performing hacking motions. The learner should train how to handle the Dao such that it continuously flow, weave, and sing in the air, rather than start-stop kind of motion. 

Why should you train with a Dao sword?

The shape and design of a Dao sword give it a strong stabbing ability. The edge is thick and blunt for blocking; this feature also improves weight distribution. It has impressive strength.

Training begins with less sharp wooden swords and advances to real swords. The broadsword is one of the magnificent work of art as far as swords are concerned. It is beautifully curved and mathematically perfect. It’s used for stabbing and jabbing.

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