Sunday, May 29, 2016

What to Use When You Don't Have a Stake to Kill a Vampire

You've quite a few options if you're without a stake as you battle a vampire. The situation may arise at any time, and the only thing you can do to protect yourself is remain prepared. This article explains four items you may use to protect yourself against a vampire, and you may purchase any of them at There’s a weapon that suits your fighting style, stature and ability, and you must select such a weapon as soon as possible.

Weapon of Choice #1: A Sword

Carrying a sword may seem like the romantic thing to do, but you must imagine how heavy a sword is in real-time. Carrying a sword in a sheath impacts how you walk, and the sword itself will be quite heavy. You must hold one to understand how terribly heavy it'll be, and you must decide if you can carry or use one. Someone who has quite a lot of practice will be able to carry a sword and fight easily, but someone of short stature or with little strength may have a difficult time employing a sword against an otherworldly/undead being.

Weapon of Choice #2: Knives or Daggers

Knives and daggers are far easier to carry than swords, but they require you to fight at close range unless you are prepared to throw them. Learning to throw a dagger is an art in and of itself, and learning to fight at close range with minimal injury is difficult. You may purchase knives that are quiet long, but you must consider fighting with two in any circumstance. Your chances of survival rise quite a bit when you are carrying multiple weapons, and you look much more intimidating with a knife on each hip.

Weapon of Choice #3: Axes

Carrying an axe may not seem like the most practical thing you've ever done, but an axe gives you so much power that one swing will end a fight quickly. You cannot sling an axe into a sheath or carry it on your belt, and you must be quite strong to carry it. Someone who chooses to carry an axe has the intimidating look of someone who chose to carry the weapon, and you must be strong enough to wield it. You may start a long fight with someone who's carrying a sword or axe, but you must be very strong when you are swinging such a large instrument for such a long time. The axe allows you to fight brutally, but you must ensure you're up to the task of carrying it.

Final Weapon of Choice: Bow and Arrow

The bow and arrow requires the most physical skill and practice. You may learn to fire a bow and arrow in a range, and you must use the same bow and style of arrow for practice. The weight and size of both instruments determines how you'll shoot, and the only effective use of the bow and arrow is a single shot to the heart. You're directly substituting the bow and arrow for a stake, but you may fire the arrow at long range. Your time spent with the bow and arrow will benefit you quite a bit, but you must ensure that you understand how to fire in pressure situations. A vampire won't wait for you to line up the best shot. 

You must practice with the weapon that best suits your personal fighting style and stature. A sword or axe works well for someone with amazing upper body strength, and a bow and arrow or knife helps the assassin who fires from afar.

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