Thursday, June 9, 2016

Today's Obsession with Fantasy Swords

There’s a growing amount of people that’re getting into collecting fantasy swords. Why is this? What makes people want these swords? A lot of this has to do with the fact that these swords are depicted in movies, TV, and in video games. Many fans of these shows, movies, and games like the weaponry that they see and would like one for themselves. It’s for this reason why a growing number of people are looking into buying collector fantasy swords.

Movies have a big impact on people. Fantasy movies such as Lord of the Rings brought the saga out from the pages and on to the big screen. Many fans got to see what the swords that were mentioned in the book actually looked like on the big screen. Once fans got a taste of that there was no going back; they had to have a sword like that for their own. In television it is pretty similar. For example, Game of Thrones' fans are some of the most diehard fans out there when it comes to cosplay. They want the armor and weaponry that their favorite character wears and wields. This is the reason for a surge in TV and movie related swords and weaponry. Fans want high quality reproductions of these items because they are more than just swords; they are works of art.

Video games
Millions of people around the world play video games. Many of these video games that they play are fantasy based. Games like Elder Scrolls and World of Warcraft are two fantasy games that are extremely popular. Many of the swords that are depicted in those games are very sought after. Many of the swords that are in these video games are visually stunning pieces of art. In World of Warcraft the sword of choice is named Frostmourne. These replicas sell very well because there's a big market for these types of swords out there. The more people that start playing the games the more they are introduced to the swords in the game and may want one for themselves.

Swords are something that people love to adorn their houses and apartments with. They add a certain level of customization to any home's decor. Moreover, many cosplay participants want to make sure that their costumes are the best that they can be. They'll purchase the sword that goes with their outfit and will cherish it at all of the events. They love the complements that they get when they are dressed up as their favorite character and are wielding a replica fantasy sword.

Also, there are some people that spend the whole year trying to piece together the perfect costume for Halloween. Many of these people attend events where cash prizes are given for the best costume and this helps these people to be able to offset and justify the costs for the swords. Many collectors have compared buying swords to getting tattoos. They say that once a person gets one of them they automatically want more.

Looking at some of the fantasy swords that're available here at Sword N Armory, it's no wonder why people are purchasing these swords and keeping them to show off and be the envy of their social circles.


  1. There is also the fact that historical swords, medieval swords especially, often have a simple cruciform shape. While fast, light, and deadly sharp, they tend to lack an essential element that makes them stand out. Fantasy swords, on the other hand, offer the same durability, balance, and speed, and throw in some impressive aesthetics to make it more alluring. Fantasy swords, from their look, often have a fun fictional myth to them that historical swords also lack.

  2. What hooked me was the katana in Highlander. I've got 5 of the cheapest variety.

  3. What hooked me was the katana in Highlander. I've got 5 of the cheapest variety.