Sunday, July 24, 2016

Top 3 'Game of Thrones' Sword Duels

Game of Thrones is a hugely popular show on HBO that constantly has over 10 million viewers per episode. It has both beautiful and devastating scenes which cause viewers to sit in suspense for every episode. Game of Thrones is also well known for killing off some of its most beloved characters and leaving many of its fans overwhelmed with emotions. Since its first episode in 2011, there havve been over a hundred characters that have died. Though some of the characters have died of natural causes, most were killed in rather brutal ways. However, some characters, when death is staring them in the face, have been able to fight for their chance to survive, offering fans a truly epic battle.

With that said, below are a list of the top three sword duels throughout Game of Thrones so far.

Game Of Thrones Episode Sword Duel #3: Syrio Forel vs. Lannister Guards
Syrio Forel was hired by Ned Stark to teach his daughter Arya how to wield her sword Needle. He was able to inspire her while also teaching her enough skills to survive the upcoming hardships to her family. When it was ordered for all the Starks in Kings Landing to be captured Syrio Forel didn't blink in his choice to protect his student. This allowed Arya enough time to run away. During the fight he was severely outnumbered but was able to hold his own against several men with armor and metal blades while he only had a wooden sword. Even though the viewers don't actually see Forel's death the fact that one of the men fighting him, Ser Meryn, is alive in later episodes fills in the gaps. Many like to believe that he somehow escaped and safely made it back to his home in Bravos. 

Game Of Thrones Episode Sword Duel #2. Brienne vs. Jamie Lannister
At this point in the show the viewers have witnessed what both characters can do. Brienne might be a woman but she has been able to not only hold her own against those who should has beaten her, she has consistently won, and Jamie who is the head of the King's Guard and has boasted about his skill. By the time Jamie has run his mouth enough to aggravate Brienne to fight him, everyone is ready for him to get put in his place. Sure, he is shackled and has been a prisoner of war so he isn't fighting in peak conditions, however, Brienne isn't either. Their fight is a good, old fashioned, grudge match that gets interrupted before anyone dies. The narrow bridge they are dueling on leads to cinematic shots which were enjoyable to watch.

Game Of Thrones Episode Sword Duel #1. Jon Snow vs. White Walker

When Jon Snow stood face to face against the White Walker hoard viewers were preparing for the worse. The abominations had just shown everybody how quickly they could kill and add more members to their army by halving the Wildlings stationed at Hardhome. A few tried their hand at defeating the four leaders but none were successful until Jon Snow was able to slay a White Walker with a little help from his Valyrian Steel sword named Longclaw. This was not only a well-choreographed scene; it also gives the fans hope that there'll be a chance at stopping the White Walkers before they destroy all living things.

These are just a few of the many, many sword duels that have occurred so far on the show. Though there are several amazing duels and battles to choose from, in my view, these three standout the most, both in how enjoyable they were to watch and the implications that followed. Viewers will just have to wait and see if the next season will add anything new to the list.

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