Friday, August 12, 2016

Why are Anime and Manga Genres Popular with Cosplay Enthusiasts?

In a world of cosplay where individuals dress up as iconic characters, you may be wondering why anime and manga are so important to the cosplay enthusiast. Some cosplayers dive into both genres, and others are very specific with which style they choose to follow. Both genres are from Japan, and have become a famous style that can fit any cosplayer enthusiast’s interest. So, what’s so great about anime and manga?

Anime is a type of Japanese animation that is very specific in style. Anime tells a story through movement, color, sound, effects, and images. With a range of movies to very long series, any avid anime fan of any age can find something that fits their needs or their interests. Most anime is based on a manga series, but some are original pieces that were created in studio or on a story board. It is different than the typical cartoon or animated movie as the style is specific in art, story development, relationships, and creativity. A lot of anime has been dubbed in English as well as other languages, but the newer or less popular anime is still fresh in the Japanese language, which encourages many cosplayers to study the culture and language of Japan to enhance their overall experience when watching anime. It has become a community of fans that come together and show off their favorite characters that have inspired them to be who they are. On screen, anime has become one of the most admired and sought after genre of TV in the world.

Manga, like anime, is from Japan. It’s a type of Japanese comic book or graphic novel, so to speak, but there’s more to it than that. Manga comes in all different varieties that targets all types of ages. The art is done in pen and ink with emphasis on bold lines and written dialogue and sound effects. It is a progressive novel where a story is unfolded to the reader through images and scene capturing on paper. The plots are in-depth and emotional with drama and creativity. With a range of short single stories to long series and volumes, manga will capture your mind with whatever time you give it. Manga’s important to cosplay enthusiasts because it gives the bare bones of the characters they look up to, and furthermore dress up as. If you're an avid reader, then you’ll sure to love the ease of reading manga. It’s really easy to get caught up in a story and forget what world you live in. Cosplay enthusiasts put their hearts into the stories, and to them, the characters come to life. The characters found in manga are written by single authors who develop such intricate, beautiful, and sometimes hilarious worlds that speak multitudes to readers. It’s a style of writing and imagery that’s accepted globally.

Both anime and manga are closely related. They’re targeted to all different age groups such as children, young men, young girls, adult men, and adult women. Cosplayer enthusiasts have felt the reality of the stories developed within anime and manga from the deep thought and creativity that goes into creating these worlds. The characters and stories are inspiring and have become friends and role models for many cosplay enthusiasts around the world. No wonder cosplay enthusiasts find anime and manga so important.

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