Monday, September 5, 2016

Spear Training Tips for Hunting and Combat

Spears are one of the oldest weapons available. Older than guns and other modern weapons, spears are far from obsolete. There’s a good reason for that; as a weapon with a basic design, they’re more versatile than most and, with the right training and knowledge, they can be used by most people. According to the ancient histories of the Egyptians, Greeks and Romans, spears were used centuries ago to hunt different land animals and game, as well as used in war and combat. As a matter of fact, almost every major civilization throughout history have accounts of using spears in ancient times. 

If you are interested in using spears, whether for hunting or for combat, here are some tips that will help you to get the most out of your spear usage.

Using Spears for Hunting

Hunting with a spear brings a satisfaction that can only be attained from using your hands and body to bring down your target. When spear hunting, be sure that your spear head is sharp and securely attached to the handle. Using a sharp spear ensures quicker penetration and a sharper, faster kill that is best for the hunter and also the hunted animal. 

When hunting large or dangerous game, such as an elephant or lion, a team of spear hunters should be used to ensure a quick and successful kill. 

Spear fishing is the practice of using a spear to impale fish in a body of water. Spears used for fishing are usually serrated along the sides of the spear head. Using a harpoon is another form of spear fishing.  To be successful at spear fishing, hunters should be familiar with the type of fish that are found in the region. Knowing what kind of fish are available will make it easier to seek out the habitat that they are abundantly found in. Hunting schools of fish are ideal because their high density will increase your chances of impaling one. 

Those new to spear fishing should start out in shallow water, stalking fish from above the surface. Underwater spear fishing is significantly more dangerous and should always be done with a partner. Only experienced swimmers should attempt underwater spear fishing.

Spear fishing is not limited to just fish; crabs and other sea dwellers can also be captured by a spear. 

Using Spears in Combat

Fighting with spears as the primary weapon can be generally used in two styles: hand-to-hand (melee) combat or used as a thrown weapon.

Spears that’re to be thrown will sport a spear head that is made of lighter, thinner material.
For melee usage, broad and heavy spear heads are best used against an enemy. Using a quick thrust, a sharp spear will pierce the flesh and deal a fatal stab. One-handed spear usage is the most effective in battle. In a spear fight, it is highly recommended that fighters use a shield as well to protect their body from attack. 

Whether you're interested in hunting or combat, a spear will always be a tool that's useful and practical. Need a spear but don’t have one lying around? Well, you’re in luck. Any tool with a long handle, such as a shovel or a rake, can be fashioned into a spear. Simply remove the metal end and sharpen the end of the pole into a point. 

Remember, a spear is not a toy but a dangerous weapon and should be respected as such.

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