Thursday, September 29, 2016

The Red Scissor Blade’s Bloody Past

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We are also the best anime sword crafters online. We smith many different kinds of swords from anime series such as Bleach and Sword Art Online. And although it doesn’t conform to the classic sword design, the red scissor blade featured in the anime series Kill la Kill are also for sale and is made of wood so that it is light, safe, and easy to carry around while you cosplay as Matoi Ryuko. You can also buy the stainless steel version with sheath.
If you haven’t watched Kill la Kill, this is your spoiler alert!

What is the Scissor Blade?

The red scissor blade is one half of a greater scissor weapon called the Rending Scissors. They are capable of damaging and severing, respectively, through life fibers, which are sentient parasitic organisms that live off the blood of humans, the origin of clothing on Earth, and are the main driving force behind the story.
The sword features a crescent-shaped hilt and is colored red all the way through the body. It is able to change its size, going from a tiny trinket that is no bigger than a keychain to a giant two handed sword that is nearly as tall as Ryuko, the owner of the red scissor blade and the protagonist of Kill la Kill.


Six months before the story began Harime Nui, the secondary antagonist in the series, was sent steal the Rending Scissors from Ryuko’s father. He was a scientist and Life Fiber researcher who wanted to thwart the efforts of the Revocs Corporation for disposing Ryuko for her incompatibility with the life fibers. Nui had an altercation with Ryuko’s father which forced him to brandish the Rending Scissors. She would kill him with the red scissor blade and take the purple scissor blade, having unable to steal the entire set. Ryuko would find her father impaled and dying which spurred her vow to get revenge using the red scissor blade.

Now that you know the red scissor blade’s background, you may be inspired to brandish it. For other high quality swords outside of the anime realm, shop now at Sword N Armory and get inspired for your next cosplay project.

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