Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Use a Shogun Quality Wood Sword Stand From Sword N Armory

Owning a katana of high quality, even just for looks or just having a quality blade around is nice. But displaying it can be troublesome. The typical sideways stands are bulky, outdated and depending on the details of the sheath, can even block some of it. But there are other ways to display them that are not traditional, more so that you can show off the sword at almost any viewing angle.

That is where the Deluxe Vertical Shogun Upright Sword Stand from Sword N Armory comes in. It’s a heavy duty, quality stand with a sleek design that allows the viewer's attention to remain on the details of the sword rather than the stand itself. The frame is simple, yet elegant, with the holding arm curved to allow the sword to rest at a slight angle, with the kojiri, or scabbard tip, to rest in a slight indent at the base.

The entire stand is made up of a light, black wood. It weighs around three pounds, perfect for placing on almost any shelf with plenty of head room above. Each piece is perfectly cut and placed, with little assembly required. The base holds a slight beveled edge to give it a sleek look without compromising the structure. Where the base and arm meet is a stylized cross piece that helps with supporting the long upwards arm. The kojiri is placed into a small intention near the front of the base, then slid into a hand at the upper end of the stand's arm, cut and grooved for most standard style scabbards.

Owning a quality katana means having a quality display. Most katana holders are the horizontal, multi-tiered holders with bulky arms, blocking the true light and design of a katana. Discard the traditional design, and replace it with a vertical stand, and this stand from Sword N Armory will fit your needs perfectly. A single blade deserves the attention that this stand allows, making it a perfect centerpiece for any room, or placed on a mantle or shelf. The low profile and small footprint grants the katana a great view from almost any angle, without sacrificing stability.

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