Saturday, October 15, 2016

A Katana Owner's Fav: Skyjiro Domoe 1075

The Domoe 1075 Through Hardened Samurai Katana Sword is a great sword for those who want a tough katana. The two-fold domoe design is a  traditional Japanese crest emblem and this design can be seen on all the fittings. With a tightly wrapped tsuka and genuine samegawa rayskin, this makes for a great dojo sword for everyday use from Sword N Armory.
Features: Detailed Specs of the Domoe 1075 Through Hardened Samurai Katana Sword:

  • The blade has been constructed of through hardened 1075 steel that is mirror polished. 
  • This blade is very tough.
  • A great everyday tameshigiri for the beginner, intermediate practitioner, or cutter.
  • The saya has a black gloss finish with a buffalo horn koiguchi. 
  • It has a thick black silk sageo without shitodome.
  • The habaki is made of brass with brass seppa and a brass tsuba of a futatsu domoe (two-fold comma) sukashi cutout.
  • The fuchi and kashira are made of brass and feature the two-fold domoe crest as well as the menuki making all the sword parts match together.

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