Thursday, October 20, 2016

You'll Need Something Nice to Carry Your Sword Around

This is the Black Genuine Leather Sword Belt Frog Hanger Baldric Renaissance Costume LARP. This is a sword baldric that is made from genuine black dyed leather with metal fittings. This baldric is made for right handed users, where it hangs off the right shoulder and lets the sword frog rest on the left hip.

This is designed to fit a wide variety of swords and scabbards that you purchased from Sword N Armory, allowing them to be suspended from a belt via leather straps. The frog comes with adjustable lacing, so that the wearer can fit the frog for sizes that oblige for a humble dagger to holding a splendid long sword, all while supporting the weight from a waist-worn belt. Made from black leather with steel hardware, this sword frog belt is sure to fit in with virtually almost any sort of attire that requires a sword to be worn for LARPing.

*Sword, gambeson, and model not included.

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